Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management

Course Duration: 18 months (6 terms)

Special Price Offer: $1800 per term

AH&B College offers the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management as an education pathway for the engaged future business leader. If you seek a serious career in a medium to large organisation with the desire to hold a strategic management role, then this is the ideal qualification. This is a relatively new qualification that recognises “leadership” as being intrinsic in the application of influencing skills and is recognised as providing a sound business management base of learning and the way to secure your future success in the corporate business sector. The target students for this qualification have worked in different areas of business and now wish to develop their skill-set or gain a more solid theoretical background in areas such as business planning and strategic management. Some students may wish to reinforce previous learning (i.e. the BSB50215- Diploma of Business)and to gain a higher qualification before entering or re-entering the workforce. The majority of the Course will be delivered in classroom. Practical work will involve group work, industry field trips, or business course related field research (including the use of the AH&B College and Bondi Junction Meeting Spaces (a student managed business) infrastructure to demonstrate real skills.

To achieve an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, 12 pre-selected Core and Elective units must be completed.

Unit Code

Unit Title

  1. BSBFIN601 – Manage organisational finances
  2. (Core Unit) BSBCRT611 – Apply critical thinking for complex problem-solving
  3. BSBPEF502 – Develop and use emotional intelligence
  4. Core Unit BSBLDR602 Provide leadership across the organisation
  5. (Core Unit) BSBOPS601 – Develop and implement business plans
  6. BSBHRM614 – Contribute to strategic workforce planning
  7. BSBHRM615 – Contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion strategies
  8. BSBSUS601 – Lead corporate social responsibility
  9. (Core Unit) BSBSTR601 – Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  10. (Core Unit) BSBLDR601 – Lead and manage organisational change

Units of Study

Vocational Outcome

Having achieved the BSB61015- Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification, candidates would be seeking employment in various business enterprises leading to and/or centering on business planning, managing an organisation and/or a personal development to a senior team leader/divisional manager position within a large corporate environment.

Entry Requirements:

If you have previous industry experience or studies you may be eligible to apply for course credits. Please advise us if you wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) on your application form. Contact the College for more details. 

About the Educator

Bill Hetherington

Bill Hetherington brings over 15 years’ experience in Business, Vocational Teaching, and Australian Government Educational Aid Projects to AHBC.

Bill leverages and adapts high-end restaurant management expertise to facilitate best business practice training for students. Bill is our Educator for the Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification.

Bill is able to incorporate and translate recent personal use of Business, Strategic, Operational Planning and Marketing techniques to drive pedagogy in the areas of leading and managing change; financial management; risk management, and work, health and safety best practice.

Bill gives AHBC Graduates real, relevant experiential knowledge to take with them and move confidently into the Business world. He recently used demographic information on Generation Z – aged 14-24 – and the power of social media to capture their disposable income as a class topic to fulfil assessment requirements.

Bill is passionate about managing knowledge and information; innovation and continuous improvement and strategic, excellent customer service.

Bill has direct and recent experience using change-management principles and persuasive language in culturally-challenging environments to on-board, create trust, and gain peer-review industry approval and endorsement for new educational qualifications

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