AH&B College Policy

AH&B College policy:

AH&B College recruit students in an ethical and responsible manner and provides
information which enables students to make informed decisions about studying in Australia.
AH&B College ensures students qualification, experience and English language proficiency are appropriate for the course for which enrolment is sought. AH&B College will consult with the ESOS help team where required – in assessing their English level.

AH&B College supplies student’s information regarding course credit/ RPL in the prospective student information , the student is informed through the College program on the modes of delivery and assessment. The prospective student information contains information on disciplinary actions, deferment, and suspension and cancellation procedures. AH&B College ensures prospective students have access to pre enrolment information (hard copy and website) before making an informed decision about their studies.

Ensuring student receives prospective student information in plain

  • all prospective student information is made available on the AH&B College website ,
    on the College Premises and with AH&B College authorised agents .
  • students are strongly encouraged and advised to access all the information both from
    website and any “latest” information directly from the College before enrolling
    (including a tour).
  • the prospective student information is maintained by the Administrator to ensure only
    current and authentic information is being given to prospective students.
  • prospective student information documents are saved on the X Drive.
  • prospective student information can be emailed or posted upon request.
  • students are reminded on their enrolment form to read the prospective student
    information before enrolling to ensure they have made an informed decision to study
    at AH&B College.

    Assessing a student’s application for enrolment

    Students are asked on the offer letter and enrolment agreement if they have seen the
    Prospective Student Information document before enrolling into a course. If they had not received one the enrolment officer will issue enrolment information to them and request they come back once they have gone through the information and can make an informed decision about their studies.

Procedure for assessing student enrolment

  • Application gets forwarded to the administrator (enrolment officer)
  • The enrolment officer carefully looks through application and ensures all required evidence has been attached (previous academic results, High School certificate, English
    competencies etc.).
  • AH&B College considers English competency equalling to a IELTS level of 5.5.
  • AH&B College Letter of Conditional Offer, and Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement is issued and forwarded to the student directly or via the agent if an agent has been appointed.
    All offer letters are saved under the student’s name in the X Drive.
  • Student receives the offer and Agreement and can go through the refund policy and
    prospective student information again, before handing any course fees to AH&B College.
  • Student decides not to continue with the enrolment and does not submit the Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement it is archived.
  • If a student decides to go ahead with the enrolment, the student must sign for the course(s) he/she is accepting on the Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement Form and submit it to the College.

AH&B College has written agreements with students setting out the services which are to be provided, fees payable and information in relation to refunds of course money: AH&B College will not process course fees deposited by or on behalf of any student without a signed written agreement.

The Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement Form (Signed Letter of Offer)

The Acceptance of Offer and Written Agreement Form contains the following information:

  • It identifies the courses that the student may want to study
  • The fees that are payable to the provider for the course being delivered
  • Refund policy
  • Notifies the student that their personal information may be shared between relevant
    government authorities
  • Advises the student of their obligation to notify AH&B College when they change their
    address, phone number, email address etc.
  • Conditions of enrolment
  • Prompts the student to self-assess extra support they may need in completing their
  • Notifies the student not to pay any course fees until they have received and accepted
    a course offer.

    Procedure for enrolling a student:

  • The student goes through the pre-enrolment stage
  • Student has accepted offer by signing the fees and course commencement date for
    the course(s) offered and has submitted the forms to the College.
  • Student proceeds with paying the relevant deposit for the required course(s)
  • Administration will check payment has been received via accounts
  • Check all correspondence has been received to proceed with CoE.
  • Enter student details on the register 8.1A and give the student a student number
  • Complete a CoE checklist for PRISMS administrator
  • Student information is updated on Wisenet
  • Give confirmation of payment and student number to the Accounts Department
  • The PRISMS administrator will proceed with creation of the CoE.
  • Forward the CoE to the student with Induction Day information. This can be done via
    email, agent, phone etc.
  • Student’s enrolment documents, including written agreement, CoE, offer letter
    acceptance etc. will be put into the filing cabinet.
  • Administrator will create a blue personal file and yellow progress file ready for the
    student on induction day. (Personal file will contain student’s personal details such as
    written agreement, English evidence etc., and progress file will contain student’s work
    and some useful information for course progress etc. etc.)
  • Folder gets stored at administration until the student’s induction day.

A checklist is completed before any CoE is made to formally enrol the student

Orientation/Induction program

The orientation/induction program is compulsory and students must attend. The induction process must be completed in full for the student to be deemed a studying student of AH&B College, in which case AH&B College policies and procedures apply in full.

The new-course full induction and orientation day must be attended by any brand new
student or existing student if they have not attended a full induction day in the last 3 months. Students returning to study a new course (including a new contract or CoE) less than 3 months since their last full-day induction will only need to attend the mini-induction program (as per the start date written on the CoE) at either 10:00 am, unless their attendance for their previous course was below expectation.

A gap-fill student is required to do the mini-induction only.

Note: Student failure to attend induction on appointed day (and time) will result in
rescheduling fees or may be classified as course abandonment and the CoE may be
cancelled. (See refund policy )

The orientation/induction program identifies through a training needs analysis the suitability of the student and their desired course and whether the student has selected an appropriate course which will lead to a positive educational outcome. The process includes possibility of indications of successful academic progress and or course completion this could include, Language, Literacy and Numeracy ( LL&N ), English students are required to sit for the Placement test possible conflict of interest determined by the College. The incomplete (induction/orientation) enrolment process will involve discussing the possible issue with the student as soon as practicable and refund arrangements made if applicable. The College will refund the student as soon as possible to facilitate a smooth enrolment in another provider and not to disadvantage the student unnecessarily.

ESOS Act requirements regarding refunds in the written agreement

  • The refund policy contains information on when fees will be refunded to the students
  • The process for claiming a refund including the request must be in writing and
    addressed to the Principal
  • A full refund applies if AH&B College cannot deliver the course for any reason
  • The following statement is in the refund policy This agreement, and the availability of
    complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take
    action under Australia’s consumer protection laws”

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